Everyday we come in contact with others and often don't see beyond our assumptions, which are based on societal norms.  Being open minded and learning about others is often a missed pleasure in life.  Magazines and books are written and sold everyday that cater to this very pleasure.   Realizing that very rarely are societal norms close to the truth is a first step to living life to it's fullest.  Chances are, you will discover that alternative lifestyles are not always about "sexual orgies" or "hooking up".

     Our alternative lifestyle social group was started with "living life to it's fullest" in mind.  Those who attend our events range from those looking for great friends with whom to share everyday life, to those who are hedonistic by nature and believe the first priority in life is physical pleasure.  There are no taboo desires in our group.    Whether your looking to just make new friends who share your same likes, or want to learn more about what our society deems taboo behavior, we welcome you.

     Want to know more but keep discreet, you can send us an email, tell us what is your interest.    Ready to look into more Taboo alternative lifestyles, click the link at the bottom of each page and sign up for a free account.    When you're comfortable, we look forward to meeting.

Live Life to it's Fullest!!!